Plunging into ALS thank you cards

This is my third year plunging into the frigid Atlantic Ocean! I do this because I can and it supports the fight against ALS, especially to one very special person in my life, my father, Brian Dillon. <3
My father, Brian Dillon                                                                                          February 2012
Brian Dillon, a loving son, brother, father, husband, grandfather, colleague, mentor, friend to all, was formally diagnosed on March 23, 2010 with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) a Motor Neuron Disease also known as 'Lou Gehrig's Disease'. Brian passed away February 21, 2013. As a fighter, Brian advocated for ALS awareness and to raise funds for research efforts to find a cure each day.
There are a lot of brave things we do to support the fight against ALS, but Plunging into the frigid Atlantic Ocean in February proves just how far we will go!
Our ALS Facebook Family was brought together by one of the worst diseases to befall humankind.
ALS Facebook Family                                                                                                                                            February 2012
Since Lou Gehrig, and a hundred years before him, there was little being done to change the state of this devastating disease. Most people were so wrought with disbelief and sadness after witnessing the disease firsthand, they never spoke these 3 letters again- ALS.  Facebook gives us a place to connect, to support and to give all we have- and most importantly- to end the silence.
This event, not only supports the people with ALS in Monmouth, Ocean & Middlesex counties in NJ, but also the efforts of StayTough.FightHARD, which has helped many, many of our very own Facebook friends across the country. STFH goes about their work quietly but with generosity and compassion and this is our chance to continue this life changing foundation.
Please consider sharing your love and supporting this important and incredible event.
Thank you and if you can join our team, sign up today and help KICK ALS!
With immense gratitude from us all, we thank you for your generous donation and your continued efforts for raising ALS awareness to all.
-ALS Facebook Family

Until there is a cure for ALS, my ALS Facebook family and I will continue to jump into the freezing Atlantic ocean in February for the Valentine Plunge to fundraise for the
Joan Dancy and pALS (people with ALS) Foundation.
ALS Facebook Family                                                                                                                                            February 2014
I had a thought about incorporating my stamping business with my ALS family and re-educating people about what ALS is.
 Here is what my brain came up with.
Yes, I had individual stamps created to spell out ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis) and what a person loses the ability to use when they are diagnosed with this disease (Arms, Legs, Speech).
My thought was to offer my ALS Facebook Family and others to make homemade ALS thank you cards. I mean what store can you find a disease specific card never mind a thank you card.  Not just to thank each of our donors but to re-educate them about what the disease is.
I had come up with a few designs to help with get the creative juices flowing.
10 different designs of the ALS Thank you cards.
So here we go a few photos of us getting together and making ALS thank you cards.
L to R: Kinga, Arleigh, Erin, Karen, Michele, Kate, Leanne (me in mustache sweatshirt) Teresa, Rob, Kathy and Marcie
Erin, Rob and Kate
Roger and Kate

L to R: Kinga, Arleigh, Erin, Karen, Michele, Kate, Leanne (me in mustache sweatshirt) Teresa, Rob, Kathy and Marcie
Enjoy all your moments.

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