Nantucket Oceanside Inn

Doesn't the background look like coral? Want to know how I did it?
Well you need a straw, yes a STRAW to make this background. I also recommend a scrap piece of paper, newspaper or paper towel for underneath your project. Just in case of spills. Not just the look you are going for, you understand what I mean. (I think! ;) )
On your watercolor paper, squeeze a drop of ink refill (your choice of color) and you can squeeze as many drops as you like.
This is how I worked on my coral. I used the lightest color first and squeezed 3 drops in various places on the paper, blew into my straw to force the drop of ink to now go into many different directions and continued until I found my desired look. Continue to do this for all the remaining colors you will use. Then either let your watercolor paper sit and dry for about 5 minutes or if you are impatient and want to finish decorating the card (like me!) take your heat tool and on low "dry" the ink.
Viola! You have an awesome background and it was easy to do!

Here are the supplies to make the card:


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