Secret Santa

Over at SSINK today we get to post about anything and well I chose to show you what I've been busy making for my family. 

Do you have family traditions during the holidays? I believe we are on our 6th or 7th year now. Once all my siblings turned the age of majority (oh no work language is coming out- ACK!) once they turned 18 years old, we all agreed to stop buying individual gifts for each other, our parents and significant others and start a Secret Santa Exchange. Each year I make the gift tags and something to keep them in as we pull names not to know who pulls which name. The name pulling is done at my nephew's birthday party. We wait until the party unwinds to discuss what date will work for everyone to gather and have dinner or appetizers and desserts and exchange gifts. I enjoy to see what gifts everyone receives and it's hilarious as the recipient guesses their Secret Santa. I believe I have stumped all mine so far. I guess my wrapping skills or gift giving is obvious. So I purposely go out of my way to make sure that no one can tell who the gift(s) are from. This will be the second year we include a Yankee Swap. Last year was very interesting with what was gifted. Note to self: Do not allow nephew to pick the gift. Sorry inside joke within the family and a few members that may read this post will laugh for a little bit. Let me know what you think.

I made some with Gold and Silver Cord Trim just to mix up the looks and made a few (30 or so).  Are you curious what is in them? There is a Wish List and a Tag inside.  The tag is easy. We had to write our name on the tag. This way the person receiving the gift cannot identify their Secret Santa by their handwriting. I would be one to certainly pay attention to that minor detail. The intention of the Wish List is to assist our Secret Santa with sizes, styles or what would be preferred if they were to select certain specific items we may like. Good idea, huh?

Willow Tree Paper Crafting inspired me with her creation below. I found this on Instagram.

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