Easter Basket

Happy Sunday stampers! How about that Bunny banner from yesterday? Cute, right? Well to piggyback off that banner, I had used some left over pieces to make an Easter Basket. I had a few flowers and leaves left over. Oh and the pieces I cut out for the bunny (I used the negative piece on the banner) well I used those too! Here is one side of the basket with the Easter banner.

Here is the other side with the circle and leave pieces to make the bunny. I love the honeycomb tail. 

I also made sure the “grass” matched too! It's left over from my Paper Pumpkin kits. I folded (but not creased) into a long strip to cut with the Fringe scissors. Those scissors are the best to create your own Easter basket grass or gift filler. I added a few Cadbury Creme and Caramel eggs. 

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