Ordinary Moment

Welcome back friends. I've been so inspired lately by the drives in and out of work. They are about one hour long depending on traffic and weather. Can you imagine what I see when driving into the sunrise on the way in and sunset on the way home? This next card was thought of while I was on my way into the office. As I crest one of the many hills, a stunning view was bestowed upon me. I tried to capture it with my stamping supplies but I just cannot tell you how beautiful the view was. 

Ordinary Moment.JPG

The sun rays and the arch rising from the grounds were gleaming in what I would call copper. So that is why I choose to use the Copper Foil Sheet and Copper Embossing Powder. Then I found the perfect sentiment to add to this simplistic card.  

Make it Shine.JPG

Creative Color Combination

Ordinary moments deserve to shine.

Ordinary Moment Color Combination.jpg


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Hello, World!

From My Kitchen

From My Kitchen

Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping