Welcome back friends. So I was SO very excited the other day when Mr. Brown delivered my 2017 Holiday pre-order items an entire day early. Talk about surprises. I was jumping for joy!!! Also in that big box of wonderfulness, I had also received Holiday Catalogs. So if you would like one sent to you, contact me. Click on the Holiday Catalog picture to your right. You can start purchasing on September 1, 2017. It's just around the corner. 

While I was waiting for these new goodies, I was staring at the catalog (online - not so easy to do) trying to come up with ideas to inspire you. So there was one stamp set that I knew I needed to show you exactly what my brain was thinking of creating. Certainly outside the box. 

Stampin' Up! shows a lot of great samples of the Graveyard Gate bundle. Watch the video now and be sure to add this bundle to your wishlist. 


The Graveyard Gate bundle caught my eye. I normally skip over Halloween and generally stay away from theses types of stamp sets.  In my neighborhood there are not many children that trick or treat. So my husband and I either go to dinner or hang out at a friends house sitting by the bonfire, drinking adult beverages and stuffing our faces with candy we should be (or have) given to the children that visit in costumes. Well I changed my mind because what I saw was not headstones (grave stones) but chess pieces. A pawn, a rook and a bishop to identify what I pictured.  

Chess Pieces.jpg

Though I was trying to be hilarious and have a clever sentiment, Stampin' Up! didn't have any that would be used for chess. So I created my own with the Labeler Alphabet. All I kept thinking about was when people place chess against each other in two different locations they would mail letters with moves for their respective pieces. So I wonder when one person was ready to make that final move, would this card be perfect for that final move? Ha

Creative Color Combination

Your move.


Click the photo(s) below to purchase the products used to create this project directly from my online Stampin' Up! store.

Feline Sympathy

Feline Sympathy

Shelter the Storm

Shelter the Storm