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Dunkin Donuts Building.jpg

Welcome back crafters. My inspiration came from a construction site that will be completed soon. During my drive home from work each weekday, I drive by this new Dunkin' Donuts building. This is the umpteenth Dunkin' Donuts we have in town. I mean I don't see the need for another one (we have six in this zip code and ten within a eight mile radius) it but apparently the town and company do.  The idea popped into my head while they were coloring the building. The various browns are the different shades of coffee. Wouldn't that be fun to do on a card with a coffee cup? Well that's what I ended up creating and making it the background. 

Coffee Cup.jpg
Coffee Shades.jpg

I wonder if the shades of browns are to represent the various types of hot/cold beverages they serve.

Coffee, Americano, Latte, Macchiato, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Chai, Cappuccino, Espresso    


Creative Color Combination

What do you drink?

Share Happiness Color Combination.jpg


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Gather Together

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