20th Anniversary

Welcome back friends. A co-worker of mine is celebrating 20 years with our company and she loves purples. 20 years isn't that crazy?!?! She must love what she does to continue to show up everyday, right? 

Twentieth Anniversary.png

The two and zero fit nicely in the ovals but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the banner. So I played around with the layout some more (prior to adding the adhesive). Found that the numbers would wrap around the banner where you could still read the sentiment and view and recognize the numbers .The stitched oval has the twentieth image stamped all around just because the large plum number are not enough to identify the anniversary. Ha!

20 Years.png

Creative Color Combination

Because there is never enough purple.

20th Anniversary Color Combination.png


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A Little Something

A Little Something

Simply Lavender

Simply Lavender